The Black Forest Band

The Black Forest Band is among the best known groups to perform at Kitchener-Waterloo's Oktoberfest each year. Not just renowned for being an elite polka band in Canada and the United States, it is also one of Canada's best loved party bands.

How do you describe The Black Forest Band to somebody who hasn't heard them play before? To begin, you explain that this band does not just "play" - The Black Forest Band is a full entertainment experience! They have a wonderful ability to charm an audience and draw them into the party atmosphere. All the fun of great polkas and Oktoberfest favourites, brought to you by people who are not just professionals, but who also love this music!  The Black Forest Band loves their fans, and they know that the show is all for you. The Black Forest Band experience isn't just a concert, it's like friends playing at your party and playing "with" you, not just for you!

This band bangs out all kinds of party music - don't let the costumes fool you! You may find yourself out on the floor for a polka, and effortlessly, they'll have you singing along with a rock or pop hit before your toes have stopped the polka! Fans of rock n' roll; the power songs of the Seventies; The songs people loved in the 1980's or 90's ; right on up to this year - The Black Forest Band members love the great songs that you do - and will likely introduce you to some special music that you will love! It's like magic! The music really does cross generations when played with this much fun and passion!

Besides the authentic taste of Oktoberfest, you are likely to hear anything from jazz, classic rock, country, swing and songs or dances that have been popular in North America over the past 100 years! The band is always keeping a collective ear open for new songs as well. If it's popular at parties and you can sing along, chances are that the Black Forest Band will play it!

The Black Forest Band has been doing this for decades now, playing parties all over Canada, the US and even the Caribbean. Whether it is holding court at an Oktoberfest, or sharing the same stage as legends of rock, pop or traditional music at a festival. This band knows how to entertain! Since 1981, it has been a great experience!

Below is a link to a you-tube video of the Black Forest Band At the Opening Ceremonies of the 2009 Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest.

Band Members

Steve Richtaritsch

Steve blows them away on the Clarinet. Just one of his many musical talents, as he plays sax, clarinet, flute and vocals as well. Steve is also booking manager and along with Gary - a founding member of the Black Forest Band. 

Gary Kreller

Gary is not just vocals, but also accordion and keyboard man! Gary is a founding member of the Black Forest Band along with Steve in February 1981. Gary is the music co-ordinator and arranger with a lot of band interference/input. 

Clive Ord

Clive provides extraordinary bass and vocals too!

Greg Dozois

Greg plays trumpet, flugelhorn ...and yes, sometimes tambourine too!

Vern MacDonald

Guitar wizard and vocals.

Mark Kreller

Drums and vocals


Vocals and a touch of class to the other-wise all boy band.

Paul Reibling

Paul is the soundman, the guy who makes the Black Forest Band sound good out.


The Black Forest Band has had many albums that regularly sell incredibly well - thanks again to their fantastic fans!
Black Forest Band cd - Servus, Gruezi und Hallo

Black Forest Band cd - Servus, Gruezi und Hallo

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Winner - 2012 Pace Music Awards - Best German Album

Black Forest Band cd - Oktoberfest Is Here To Stay

Black Forest Band cd - Oktoberfest Is Here To Stay

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Black Forest Band cd - Polka Here & Polka There

Black Forest Band cd - Polka Here & Polka There

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Contact Info

Black Forest Band Enterprises
Steve V Richtaritsch
20 Weberlyn Crescent
Conestogo, Ontario



Home Phone: 519-664-1186
Work Phone:   519-500-1119
Cell Phone:     519-500-8838